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ONS Digital

Digital Solutions for the New business Landscape.

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About ONS Digital

Digital Signage, Custom WiFi, and Live Event Social Media Feeds

We are ONS Digital, an exclusive Digital Services Agency. Our team of passionate and thoughtful techs put immense amounts of effort into producing great results for our clients. Through a wide range of services, we provide strategic guidance by coming up with the right solution for each client we serve.

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What we do...

How can we take your business to the next level.

Digital Menu Boards

We can provide all hardware, installation, and design for your digital signage.
If you prefer you can do the heavy lifting and we provide the players and portal to make your Digital Menu's come alive.  With scheduling you can make menus change automatically based on time, day or week so specials always show up at the right time and content stays fresh.


Next Gen Commercial WiFi

Self-Optimizing Wi-Fi Coverage
Self-Healing Mesh
Auto-Channel Scanning
Simple Guest Networking
Paypal Payment Integration

Splash Screen Redirection


Live Event Social Media Feeds

ONS Digital creates Digital Social Walls that combine typical Social Walls and Digital Signage; so you can automatically bring together social messages and images from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Combine it with sponsorship into one beautiful display, where everyone can see your customized stream of content in real-time and be inspired to join the conversation!

Most Social Media walls just feature Real-Time feeds from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.
Most Digital Signage, like you see at the Local Restaurant or Auto Body Shop, are closed systems that just show advertising.

ONS Digital combines the best of both of these solutions. We take the traditional Social Wall and embed it into a digital Signage solution so that you get the best of both worlds.


Atmosphere TV

Atmosphere is the world's first and largest streaming TV platform made specifically for businesses. All channels have endless hours of entertaining, audio-optional TV programming, refreshed weekly. We have a channel for every type of business!

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